You stay home…
we’ll BeClose

The BeClose System is a series of intelligent sensors placed throughout a loved one’s home that can record patterns and send alerts. Family members can monitor activity recorded by the sensors on the BeClose Caregiver Dashboard.

Activity Patterns

Understand your family member’s activity pattern and get an alert if it’s out of the ordinary.


Make sure your loved one is getting up and about.


Be alerted if your loved one is wandering or leaving the house at odd hours.

Aging in Place

Older adults want to stay home as they age, but would like the security of knowing someone is watching out for them

A closer look

Activity Sensors

A series of sensors would be installed inside your family member’s residence. These sensors could include door sensors for the front and back doors, open/close sensors for the medicine cabinet or refrigerator, and motion sensors to detect room to room movement. There can also be a bed pad sensor to monitor their time spent in bed or a chair pad to detect if they’re resting in their favorite spot.

in home monitoring sensors for seniors and cognitive disabled
home monitoring systems for elderly

Life-Safety Sensors

In the event of a home emergency, there are Life-Safety Sensors. These include a smoke/heat detector, a carbon monoxide detector, and a flood/freeze detector. Additionally, there is a large, red “emergency button” that can be placed anywhere in the home. When pushed, this would send a notification to a pre-programmed contact to get immediate help.

Caregiver Dashboard

As a caregiver, you can simply and discreetly access the data from the sensor readings. This allows you to have insights into their activity and wellness. By logging in, you can see the “Sensor View” dashboard in REAL TIME. This would show you how long they were in bed, if the medicine cabinet was opened or if there was movement in the living room. The “Behaviors View” dashboard can give you insight into what an average day looks like. You can view daily activities to spot irregularities in a daily routine.

Beclose monitoring dashboard
Show Me Systems cellphone application


Notifications can be customized and sent to a caregiver’s device via text, email or automated phone message. Examples of these notifications can be “missed medication”, “unusual activity”, or “external doors being opened during the night”.

Is BeClose system right for you?

The BeClose system is perfect for the following situations:

  1. A loved one who is not ready for assisted living but wants to feel more secure
  2. Someone who IS ready for assisted living but cannot afford to do so
  3. A family member or caregiver who lives far away but wants to have insight into their loved one’s needs and behaviors.
beclose remote monitoring system for seniors

Build a system that fits your needs

Home monitoring for seniors and cognitive disabled should fit your specific needs. No two situations are the same, so we make it easy to configure a system that fits your unique needs. Every system begins with a base station and an affordable service plan, and you choose the sensors and monitors that suit your home. Not sure what you need? Call or email us and we’ll help you create the perfect solution.