Coverage in rural or remote areas

Remain safe at home in rural or remote areas.  The Caretaker Sentry is a traditional medical alert system that works in the home by using the phone line to communicate with our 24-hour support center.

Built-In Speaker

The speakerphone feature provides exceptional communication upon system activation.

Water Resistant

Alert pendant is water resistant.

Battery Backup

The Base Unit includes rechargeable batteries for up to 24 hours of emergency battery power in the event of a power outage.


Using existing telephone lines to communicate keeps the cost down on communication methods.

What’s Included?

The Base Unit and Basic Pendant

This unit plugs into your existing phone line and works as a speakerphone. It comes with the basic pendant. When your pendant button is pushed, our 24-hour support center will communicate with you to get you the help you need. The base also includes a “Caretaker” button which can be pre-programmed to call a specific caregiver, neighbor, family member instead of our support staff.

Caretaker Sentry base unit and pendant


Elderly lady wearing an innovatibe medical pendant

Optional Two-Way Voice Pendant

For clear, loud, two-way communication, this pendant can be worn around your neck or on a belt-clip. This allows you to move to distant parts of the home yet still maintain clear communication with our support staff in case of an emergency.

Optional Emergency Wall Communicator

This is an extension of the base unit that can be wall mounted or set on the floor or shelf. Common locations are in the bathroom, nightstand, next to favorite chair or hallways. The Wall Communicator has a speaker for two way voice communications and a large red button for help. It is also water resistant.

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Is the Caretaker Sentry right for you?

The Caretaker Sentry is perfect for:

  • Individuals in rural or remote areas with little to no cellular coverage
  • Individuals who remain mostly in the home
  • Individuals with limited mobility or are at risk of falling

Caretake Sentry


The Caretaker Sentry is simple to set up and use, it sits on a counter or shelf and plugs into a standard telephone jack and wall outlet for power.

  • Base Station
  • Set up instructions
  • Power Adaptor
  • Water-resistant pendant
  • Soft cotton lanyard
  • No Term Contract
  • Rechargeable backup batteries

*with a one-time $50 activation fee

Caretaker Sentry and accessorie