Help at the press
of a button

The Belle and Belle+ medical alert pendants allow safe, independent living either at home or away.

Now available on Verizon 4G LTE and AT&T LTE Cellular Networks for our Belle device.

Easy To Use

When the button is pushed, you’re connected to a courteous specialist who can send help or contact a loved one.

Fall Detection

The Belle+ has fall detection which automatically connects you a specialist when it detects a fall.


Whether at home or away, you can be located and help will be dispatched to your exact location.

No Landline Needed

By using the Verizon and AT&T cellular LTE network, you can have coverage both at home and away.

A closer look

Built-In Speaker

It’s easy to hear the specialist answer your call with this powerful speaker. When in an emergency, Belle connects to a kind, courteous specialist. Belle’s high-quality speaker and microphone make it easy to get help.

One Call Button

Just press one button to speak with a specialist and get help. It’s that simple. On the Belle+, the device automatically calls for help when it detects a fall.

Easy-to-read Indicators

The Light Ring circles the button so you can see a blue light come on when you press your button for help alerting you that you will be connected to a specialist. When charging your device, the top of the light ring flashes red and turns solid red to indicate the device is fully charged. Additionally when you place the Belle device in the charger you will hear a recorded “charging” message to indicate you have placed it in correctly.  

Is Belle right for you?

The Belle and Belle+ medical alert pendants are perfect for anyone who wants to maintain an independent lifestyle.  Whether you’re active and on the go or need to remain safely at home, the pendants allow peace of mind for the individual and their loved ones.

Belle Medical Pendant Comparison

With both Belle and Belle+ you will have coverage at home or on the go thanks to their wireless 3G connection. Both units are single piece systems. This side-by-side comparison will help you decide which Belle product is right for you.

Belle Medical Alert with GPS Technology


Belle+ Medical Alert with GPS and Fall Detection

*Plus a one time $50 activation fee.