Help at the press of a button

For those who remain at home or those on the go, Medical Alert pendants provide 24-hour help when you need it most.

24-hour support line

Whether night or day, a Support Center operator is ready to take your call and get you the help you need.

Easy To Use

Simply press the button on the medical pendant and within seconds you’ll be speaking with an operator.

Peace Of Mind

Medical Alert pendants allow aging adults to live independently and safely.

Medical Alert Solutions

Belle Personal Alert Pendant

Whether at home or away, the Belle personal alert pendants work anywhere in the US where there is Verizon LTE  & AT&T LTE coverage. They have great features such as long battery life, GPS and WiFi location technologies.  


Traditional Phone Line Unit

Remain safe at home in rural or remote areas. The MXD is a traditional medical alert system that works in the home using the phone line to communicate with our 24-hour support center. Includes a small pendant and button on the base unit. The base unit contains the Speaker and Microphone.  


Medical Alert Benefits

Help in case of emergency

As you grow older, you are more likely to fall. According to a study on, falls are the number one injury-related cause of death among people over 75 years old. They are also the number one cause of hospitalization caused by injury. Many seniors prefer living in their homes as opposed to a nursing home or an assisted-living facility. This is where assisted living devices allow you to live independently without compromising your safety.
Elderly woman using Show Me assistive technology using her medical pendant
Eldelry man walking with his belle medical alert necklace pendant

It's with you all the time

Unlike a cell phone, once the pendant is on your neck, it’s with you all day no matter where you are. In times of emergency, there’s no additional anxiety caused by a trying to track down and use a cell phone. If you’ve fallen or are in distress, simply press the button.

Get help from either emergency services OR a family member

When the button is pushed and you’re connected to an operator, they will assess your situation. At that point, you can ask to have emergency services contacted or instead, the operator can contact a family member or neighbor. The names and numbers you choose will already be in your file, allowing the operator to contact them immediately.
Show Me Systems 24 hour support line


We're here to answer your questions

Caring for aging loved ones can be tough at times. We’re here to help you choose the right solution and keep loved ones at home. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is always available to answer questions and point you in the right direction.