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How Elderly Are Embracing New Life Saving Technology

We have a 96-year client that has a Belle+ device. She is very proud of still being able to live by herself, and rightfully so. She fell last year and was found after several hours. The Belle+ has given her the freedom to stay at home where she is comfortable and happy. Her granddaughter has been trying to teach her how to use a cellular telephone, but she just hasn’t quite been able to get the hang of it. I find her courage and eagerness inspirational. At the age of 96, she is still trying to embrace technology rather than avoid and shy away from it. I think that all of us could take a lesson from her and learn how to make technology work for us instead of against us.

Learn How To Use Today’s Apps

There are several ways to learn about the latest and greatest applications and many of them are free. Did you know there are free classes offered by the library all the time? They provide hands-on classes, online classes, and one-on-one training if you need it. Topics such as how to download, basic Facebook and working with Word applications allow you to ease into the technology that can help you interact with friends and loved ones. Contact your local library and see what they offer.

Many colleges and universities have free classes for seniors, some 55+. Not only will they offer a place to learn, but they will also provide a place to meet new people and make new friends. Drury University has a Drury Institute for Mature Learners with a $35 yearly fee. Missouri State University has a program called MSU 62 (Senior Citizens Fee Waiver Program) which allows a person 62+ to take a class each semester for non-credit. Missouri Southern offers a Sixty-Five Plus Program which is similar to the program of Missouri State University except you must be 65+. Some offer classes for a small fee and some even offer tutors in the way of college students wanting to give back to the community. The University of Missouri – Extension Service also offers many free classes within each county. These classes are close to home. You can make it an event for you and your friends.

You might be surprised that churches also provide free computer classes in your area, especially the larger ones. Check with your senior minister and see what classes might be coming up in the future. If there aren’t classes, suggest that it would be a good topic. They are always having to come up with topics for the group.

You may be 35, 65 or even 96 years old but you are not too old to learn. Embrace the new and if you are timid about it, grab a friend. I can guarantee you aren’t alone!!

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