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What is Self Monitoring? - Show Me Systems

What is Self Monitoring?

We have several customers that choose to Self-Monitor their alarm system vs. paying for a Professional Central Station to monitor.  We offer this service and although it is not recommended for everybody it is an option available.  So I want to explain what this means.

Self Monitoring is a means of electronic monitoring the events from your alarm system.  Many people do not like the act of having the Police or Fire Department called by a Central Station (CS) when the CS is  unable to contact the user to verify an event on their system.  So with Self Monitoring we set the system up where it notifies the user directly with text, automated phone calls, email and push notifications.  This allows the user to make the decision of whether the authorities need to be contacted.  The downside of this is that if you are busy or do not have your device up and running you might miss a notification.  I have used this method in the past for certain situations and it worked out that I received an alarm intrusion notification at 4AM.  I  then looked at the camera on my smart phone and observed an unauthorized person in the space being protected.  I called the police who responded and the person was identified.  So  this method does work but it is up to the user to be vigilant and aware at all times.

The only true benefit of this service is you are the one responsible for making all decisions about when the authorities are notified about your system.  There are marginal cost savings for  the service but this still requires an interactive service fee each month.  You the user decides who has access to receive the  notifications and for what events.  This does help to reduce false alarms and potential fines by the authorities but mostly it requires more vigilance and  interaction by the user with their system.  This is not a good  option for any situation using panic buttons or medical alert buttons.  I would always recommend having remote view cameras with any system being self monitored so you can verify events at your location.