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What is a Wellness System - Show Me Systems

What is a Wellness System

I often get asked what a Wellness System is.  This is because the word Wellness can and is used in a variety of ways.  We are using Wellness to account for Well-Being.  We want our clients to use our Wellness System to ensure the Well-Being of a loved one or family member.  The most common description is a Wellness System for Aging in the Comfort of your own Home.

This is done by the use of passive sensors placed in the home of the loved one.  These sensors report to a Network Operations Center (NOC) the activity or lack of activity during the day.  These reports really are not the reports you might imagine in a business. There is not tons of paper generated showing every little detail of what you happened. Instead the reports are just notifications of some activity and maybe just a door opening or a motion sensor being activated.  What happens with these notifications are dependent on how the person using the systems set them up. The notifications are independently customizable for each system.  You can set it up to remind you to take your afternoon medication if you have not done so by a set time. Or know if a loved one has eaten daily just by if the cabinets and refrigerator are opened/closed.

These are both very important considerations but also we can go deeper into the needs of many people.  Setting notifications if a user gets out of bed at 2AM and does not return in a certain time period. Or if a exterior door opens at 4AM and the loved one is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  Receiving this information in a timely manner could be life saving.  Many times an elderly person has wandered off and been gone hours or even days before it is noticed.

Wellness also incorporates Life Safety with our Alert Pendants & Buttons. These can be monitored by a professional service or by family members and care givers.  Along with monitored Smoke/Heat detectors, Carbon Monoxide detectors and water sensors it is possible to be preventive instead of proactive.

The Wellness System learns the patterns of the individual and allows the family members and caregivers to be aware of changes in routine which my indicate additional help is needed. Consider if your loved one gets out of bed 3-4 time every night for years.  All of a sudden they start betting out of bed 6-8 times or not at all.  Something is causing this sudden change and it is information a Medical provider could need to be aware of.  The Wellness System takes a lot of the guess work and interagations of loved ones out of the interactions and allows you to remain connected.

These are just some of the key components of the Wellness System but there are several more applications and features available.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about any of our services.  There is no charge for consultations and our systems are deployed all across the United States.