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My mom has Alzheimer's, how do I know she is safe at home alone? - Show Me Systems

My mom has Alzheimer’s, how do I know she is safe at home alone?


Often when we are describing our Wellness Solutions to people we hear the comment “I wish I had this system years ago”. We will ask why and one of the top reasons was because there was a family member that had Alzheimer’s disease and they were constantly worried about their safety. People so often respond that if they had our system it would have been so much easier to care for mom or dad when the Alzheimer’s appeared. Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects everybody around a person with the disease and it is growing. The National Institution of Health estimates that 5.1 million people may have the disorder and this number is growing as the senior population grows.

Our Wellness Solution is not a solution for everybody but it can help many people. Our system allows the family members and caregivers to real time monitor the activity in the home of a loved one. Using discrete sensors placed throughout the home the caregivers can remain aware many activities or lack of activities. It is possible to monitor is mom has taken her medication, if dad has eaten today, or even if somebody opened a door at 3AM. The sensors used are motion, open/close, bed & chair mats, life safety devices, and panic buttons. By remote and real time monitoring it is possible to be preventive to situations which may be of concern. If dad normally goes to the bathroom three times a night and then suddenly starts going six times or not at all there is most likely a concern for this change in behavior. Or if mom forgets to take her medication at lunch time it is important for her and a caregiver to get a notification or reminder. Many medications are very specific when they need to be taken.

Our Safe At Home feature allows the family and caregivers to know if their loved one gets out of bed and does not return in a prescribed time. Or if the exterior door is opened at an unusual time. This could mean hours of difference in notification times. If the refrigerator has not been opened in two days it is very possible that a loved on is not eating. We can also monitor life safety devices like carbon monoxide sensors, heat sensors and panic buttons that notify family members and caregivers but not the emergency services. This means the loved one might be more prone to use the alert button since it is not a complete stranger that might be breaking down the door in the middle of the night in a rescue attempt.

Using the dashboard pictured above and the notifications settings it is easy to stay connected and aware of what is happening with your loved one. The notifications are completely customizable by you. If you want a neighbor to get certain alerts and you or another family member get others that is fully programmable by feature and time. Also, it is easy to set up for multiple notifications and types of notifications. You can set up for email, text message and/or automated phone call notifications.

Please contact us for more information about the services. This is just one of many situations where the Wellness Solutions are a possible benefit.