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Medical Alert Systems

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The technology of medical alert systems has change greatly the past couple of years. It is no longer necessary to have a home phone line. Systems for the home can operate over a cellular network much like alarm systems. These are somewhat more expensive until you consider the cost of maintaining a home phone line just to use a medical alert button. One other huge change to the Medical Alert button is the Mobile unit. Now there are several units that are worn out and about and work off of a cellular network and allow the user to be independent and yet have protection out and about in town. We offer a system that works just about anywhere in the country. As long as there is AT&T service the unit will work. Now this does not mean you need AT&T service or even a cell phone. It just means that the unit will work on that network. I have personally tested the unit all around Missouri and even in Washington & Oregon when there on vacation this summer. Never had an issue of it not working. So when you are considering a Medical Alert system for your self or a loved one, remember there are options. Our system often require no term commitment, just the monthly service charge. Cheers, John