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My mom has Alzheimer’s, how do I know she is safe at home alone?

Often when we are describing our Wellness Solutions to people we hear the comment “I wish I had this system years ago”. We will ask why and one of the top reasons was because there was a family member that had Alzheimer’s disease and they were constantly worried about their safety. People so often respond […]

What is a Wellness System

I often get asked what a Wellness System is.  This is because the word Wellness can and is used in a variety of ways.  We are using Wellness to account for Well-Being.  We want our clients to use our Wellness System to ensure the Well-Being of a loved one or family member.  The most common […]

What is Self Monitoring?

We have several customers that choose to Self-Monitor their alarm system vs. paying for a Professional Central Station to monitor.  We offer this service and although it is not recommended for everybody it is an option available.  So I want to explain what this means. Self Monitoring is a means of electronic monitoring the events […]

Security Alarm Systems & Contracts – What you should know.

Security alarm systems are always accompanied by a contract for services. This is one contract/agreement you really want to know what it says. There are a couple of areas of importance. The first is the term of the agreement.  Most agreements are for a 36 month term with a 12 month automatic renewal. This means […]

The Importance of Testing your Medical Alert & Security Systems

I tell every body I meet that has a Medical Alert or Security System that it is important to test your system regularly.  I recommend to any person that has a Medial Alert device that you test it at least weekly. For Security Alarm Systems I recommend at least monthly.  There are several factors for […]

Medical Alert Systems

  The technology of medical alert systems has change greatly the past couple of years. It is no longer necessary to have a home phone line. Systems for the home can operate over a cellular network much like alarm systems. These are somewhat more expensive until you consider the cost of maintaining a home phone […]

Wellness – Aging In Place

John Conley

I want to first thank you for visiting our page and introduce ourselves to you. My name is John Conley and along with my wife Julia, we own Show Me Systems LLC with our office located in Ozark, Missouri. But rest assured our geographical location does not prevent us from serving our clients nationwide for […]

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