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Wellness – Aging In Place

John Conley

I want to first thank you for visiting our page and introduce ourselves to you. My name is John Conley and along with my wife Julia, we own Show Me Systems LLC with our office located in Ozark, Missouri. But rest assured our geographical location does not prevent us from serving our clients nationwide for Wellness Solutions for Aging In Place.

Our mission at Show Me Systems is to provide affordable technology based Life Safety & Wellness Solutions to you our clients. With over 50 years of combined experience in Law Enforcement, Security and Healthcare we both have a passion for helping others through our Wellness Solutions. During our careers we have traveled the United States and even the world living in 5 states, 3 continents and 3 countries. Coming home to the Ozarks in 2010 we have brought a lot of our experiences with us. We both were raised in the Ozarks and talked about returning all the time while we were traveling for work. Now that we are here we wanted to do something that was meaningful and allowed us to help people. Shortly after starting Show Me Wired in 2012, a security alarm business I was contacted by BeClose about beta testing a program for Aging In Place. Once we began looking at this and realizing the impact this could have on so many people’s lives we changed direction from a security alarm business to Show Me Systems LLC a provider of Wellness Solutions for Aging In Place. We do continue to offer security services as we feel it is an integral part of our Wellness Solutions.

Now, the term Wellness is a very much used word with many meanings but for our purposes it means Safe. Working with our partners BeCose and Alarm.com we have created a unique system of activity monitoring for the home of a loved one. Our Wellness Solutions are perfect for elderly that want to live at home longer. Our system allows the family members and caregivers to remotely monitor the activity or lack of activity allowing the loved one to retain their independence and dignity in their own home rather than an expensive assisted living center. With sensors discretely placed throughout the home our Wellness system tracks movement, open & closing of doors or cabinets, and even occupancy using bed/chair sensor mats for occupancy. Our “Big Red” alert buttons are easy to push and notify caregivers, not the fire department to come and bust down the door and see if everything is alright.

Our systems are capable of self-monitoring by the caregivers with complete customization of the types of notifications and when they are sent. Anywhere you have an internet or data connection on a phone, tablet or computer you can monitor your loved ones Wellness. With self-monitoring we offer three types of notifications: e-mail, text or automated phone messages. We also offer professional monitoring through a Central Station where the operators are trained in medical emergency monitoring and will stay on the line via the two way voice on the base unit of the system or telephone. Imagine being able to receive a phone call if mom opened the front door at 2AM instead of finding out hours later that she might have wandered off. Or getting notified that Dad has not returned to bed at 4AM and is not sitting in his favorite chair or moving around the house. He might be alright but there would be a small chance that he has fallen and needs help. Knowing that your loved one has not opened the refrigerator in two days or does not take their morning medication by afternoon can help you know when they need you there. All of this is customizable for your specific situation and provides greater peace of mind for the family. It does not matter if you live several states away or just across town, our Wellness Solutions can keep you connected to your loved ones.

In addition to the Aging In Place use, there are many other applications for Wellness Solutions. If there is a special needs family member that needs just a little bit extra monitoring to create that sense of independence then Wellness is an option. Many of the Assisted Living centers are offering Wellness Solutions with their services to keep the family members and caregivers even more connected to the loved one. Wellness Solutions used in conjunction with Home Health companies can provide a more full service to care for your loved one. If you are living alone and just want a little peace of mind we work with several Home Health companies that can provide monitoring services of your Wellness Solution.

We are always ready to respond to your inquiries and look forward to assisting you in any way we can with our services. Please call or email with any questions or to set up services for your loved one.